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Photo of the Week: Gundam SEED at Comiket

Gundam SEED at ComiketGundam SEED at Comiket

I'm just going through my Winter Comiket photos again (for 2005). This one in particular just brought back some nice memories.

All the people there at the Tokyo Big Sight dressed up in cosplay. The crowds and crowds of people there all looking wonderful.

The horrible shooting conditions because the lighting is weird, there's no room, people are crammed into the cosplay area.

I loved it. X-D

positivespace commented in another photo on how she loved seeing the busy backgrounds with all the people. When I do photo shoots here, I try to find a non-busy background or at least somewhere where there's not too many people. That's just not possible at Comiket.

That and it's really hard for me to step back far enough to get all of the cosplayer into frame. (My DSLR has a 1.6x crop and my widest lens is 30mm) So I take a lot of portraits, which is ok too, I like portraits.

But yah... I can't wait to go back. Every time I go I learn a lot about taking photos in difficult conditions. I think it jars me out of my comfort zone when I take photos at US cons.

With this picture at least, I tried to incorporate the busy crowd in the background. I think it looks ok. :)

Funny, I thought this time, I'd be all ready to go and I wouldn't have any problems shooting at Comiket. Ha! Boy was I surprised how unprepared I was. :)

Anyway, enjoy the picture a lot more to come. :)

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