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Comiket photo editing

So not only have I been keeping up a certain Citrus way past her bedtime (but she liked it, I know she did. ;-) I've been editing the huge honking pile of Comiket photos.

I finished the first day of Comiket and am going through the second day. I still have day 1 and 2 of the TFT cosplay event as well. So yah it's going to take me a while. X-D

Oh does anyone know how to translate となりでコスプレ博 into some form of English for when I create the web pages for it? Thanks in advance. :>

Anyway, I thought I'd share some of the post processing that I do to these pictures and to most of the cosplay pictures I take in the US and in Japan.

Before and after pictures

I had a horrible time with shadows. We were all out there in bright light with the sun overhead. In the middle of winter no less. Not only were we freezing in the shade and frying in direct sunlight. It cast some really harsh light in a lot of instances.

As you can see in the left picture, the person on the right, my Ohgami wig shadow is on her. X-/ Also her face is really washed out from the direct sunlight. So what I did was use the Burn/Dodge tool to try and darken her face to bring back some of the detail. I also tried to de-emphasize the shadow on her torso without totally losing the detail in her jacket. Not the best photo but it's better then the original.

Creative Cropping
Again because of the direct sunlight, her body suit, and the way she's bending forward, it looks like her belly is sticking out.

Don't get me wrong she is not fat not at all. She's perfectly proportioned considering how busty she is. But the shadow around her belly is just not flattering. So I went ahead and made a closer crop of the photo since I though her pose was really cute. :)

I actually do that a lot, cropping to try and get rid of a noisy background. Funny since it's totally impossible at Comiket. X-D Or to emphasize a really good part of the photo or de-emphasize something not so good.

Burn and Dodge is your friend!

Oh man, I spent so much time with this set of photos. Partly because the costumes are so nice and also because I'm still learning how to use the Burn/Dodge tool.

Again lots of harsh shadows from direct sunlight. Ashe (the girl on the left) has this really dark shadow in her hair. I was able to lighten it somewhat and still keep the detail of her hair.

The majority of the work was on the woman on the left however. Her back was to the sun so much of her face and chest are totally hidden in shadow. But you can see in the right picture, I was able to get back a lot of the detail in her face, chest armor and shoulders by using the Burn/Dodge tool.

More Burn and Dodge

Again I was able to get back a lot of detail in the eyes and in her "bunny ears" which would have been completely hidden in shadow.

If I had more time, I'd probably go in with the clone tool to fix some of the stray hairs in her wig. But damn that would take forever!

Gah, Over exposure sucks.

Partly because I don't know what I'm doing in addition to the bright sunlight, and their black and white costumes. I totally blew this set of photos. :(

Poor girl in the middle is just so over exposed the camera lost all of the detail in her white costume and I don't think any amount of Photoshop will fix it. Though if I'm wrong please tell me!

I really need to better learn how to use the exposure compensation settings on my camera as well as keeping an eye on my histogram so I know when a photo is blown out when I'm in Japan and not when I'm back here in the States.

White Balance and Color Correction

Just where this cosplayer is standing, there's a lot of blue hue from the daylight. So I was able to color correct the photo using the white balancing dropper in Photoshop. Then I used curves to lighten the image so it looks more balanced.

Big improvement over the original ne? :) And yes, her outfit and hair, (Gemini's Battlesuit from Sakura Taisen 5) really was that vibrant! X-D

If anyone has any other tips, suggestions, advice, please let me hear them! I'm obviously still learning on the photography and Photoshop fronts and any new knowledge would be great! :)

Enough of that, more Comiket photos!


Ghost In The Shell

Tokiko from Busourenkin

Motoko, Ghost In The Shell

Rikku, Final Fantasy X-2

Tifa, Final Fantasy: Advent Children

Cargalli and Athrun, Gundam SEED Destiny

Badasses, who cares where they are from. ;-)

Hehe, he was one of the Comiket staff. He was wearing a orange staff vest and stuff and seemed surprised when I asked for his picture. Took the time to take off the vest and pose for me as we were getting yelled at to leave the cosplay area.

The reason why he's so up high is that he was standing on a pillar being one of the people telling everyone to leave the cosplay area. X-D


Final Fantasy XI

Ashe, Final Fantasy XII

O_O A... Chinese armored pirate? I'm randomly guessing Trinity Blood?

For ajmeow and the other "Tacobazooka" girls. X-D

Gemini Sunrise, Sakura Taisen V

The new "Ohgami" in Sakura Taisen V. Yes, that's another costume added to the list. X-D It's white, it's a suit, a battle suit! I have a group of girls at my command and it's Sakura Taisen. The only thing left is if it was a body suit! X-D

Oh one last thing. For the last few days whenever I post a photo oh Cosplay.com, OMI GIBSON will post a photo right after me... it's really uncanny.

The only explanation is of course... she's stalking me. LOL

Ok... obviously that's not the case, but I can dream can't I? ;-)

Speaking of her. I bumped into her really briefly at Comiket. I had just come out of the men's changing room and I spotted her waiting in line to go into the women's changing room. I talked to her really really briefly, but not long enough. :( Oh well. I missed a ton of people at Comiket so it wasn't a huge surprise. :)
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