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WonderCon 2006 Photos

Of course I had a blast going to WonderCon!

I was really glad to see people come up from SoCal! Yay! :)

I didn't take too many since I was running around in Gilgamesh, but please enjoy the ones I did take! :)

WonderCon 2006 Photos

And of course, much thanks to kuronosho and lionboogy for taking our photos! X-D


Ok, seriously, pikacello and hoshikaji need to stop being such hot boys. Because... it's really starting to confuse me. O_o;


We did a lot of laughing on that 3rd floor. X-D Why is it that we all start cracking up when we need to look serious for a photo. ;-)


Evil attracts evil. X-D


They are not the hotties you are looking for...




Blade of the Immortal

Ooooh a lot of leg there. ;-)


Izumi from He Is My Master

A quick photo shoot with Jinnybear.


Yah... Pee and Poo plushes... those wacky wacky Sweds...



Congratulations you guys!


Firefly / Serenity Group


Star Wars

I think this is my favorite shot of the night. The way the lightsaber looks really like plasma even though I didn't use any CG effects. Also how her face is slightly glowing from the light of the lightsaber. She also looks awesome with very even blue make-up. There's a very slight blue glare (from the lightsaber) across her face, but other then that, I'm really happy with this picture! :)


Link and Zelda

Congratulations to you guys too!
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