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Sakura Con 2006

In a nutshell I had a fantastic time at Sakura Con! :)

I got to see so many friends that I don't see anywhere else. Alas, I only wish I could have spent more time with all of you.

I did my first paid photoshoots (eeek!) and I think they turned out pretty nicely.

I was asked to help tristencitrine host a cosplay/wig panel. Unfortunately we started talking about Hard Gay and Guild Wars. X-D

I also judged the Sakura Con Masquerade.

All and all, a very full weekend and a wonderful time.

But, eh, you don't want to read, you wanna see pictures right? :)


Warning! Slime Approching!

X-D tristencitrine as a Slime from Dragon Quest.


Cyber-Goth Photoshoot

I was lucky enough to tag along with jonisey and her Cyber-Goth photoshoot. It was excellent! Despite the cold, the wind and slight showers. Oh yah, it was great shooting next to a night club too. X-D The taxi drivers were very amused by all the ladies. ;-)

Left to right: sever007, daenerys, jonisey, tristencitrine and saxytenshi


jonisey working it...

Taking photos I mean! Yah, she totally didn't know I was taking her picture as she was taking a picture of Yaya. I'm so going to be dead now. ;-)


Fanta is Sinful Photoshoot


Kyo (Drain Away) from Dir en grey Photoshoot


Mana and Kozi (Illuminati) Malice Mizer Photoshoot


Kilik and Tira from Soul Calibur III Photoshoot


The Iron Chef-ettes!

Left to Right: Manager (From Yakitate!! Japan), Chairman Kaga, Iron Chefette Morimoto, Iron Chefette Chen Kenichi, Iron Chefette Hiroyuki Sakai, and Femme-Emeril Lagasse


Femme-Emeril Lagasse... BAM!!


And for those of you who didn't check out the Cosplay.com/Cosworx booth, this is what you're missing. ;-)


Yay! Get to hang out with all of you in Seattle!

OT: Good god, I need a haircut. LOL

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