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Private Photo Shoot: Chloe in a Strawberry Dress

Ok, let's flash back all the way to 2005. The time was right before J-Rock Conn and I had offered to do some photo shoots, cosplay or fashion shoots.

fattastik asked to do a fashion shoot and we took some lovely pictures in San Jose. But me being the lazy bum that I am, went and flew to Japan, took a gabillion photos at Comiket and never posed her photos. :(

She has been so patient with me and I've finally posted her fashion photos. :)

It's interesting, just looking at the pictures I took a few months ago and I'm already seeing my photography style change. I'll be very interesting to see what this year brings and how much more I can learn and grow.

Hopefully fattastik will let me take photos of you in the future as well. O:)

Private Photo Shoot: Chloe in a Strawberry Dress

Some of My Favorites





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