Ziggy Becket (ziggybecket) wrote,
Ziggy Becket

Photo Shoots at Cherry Blossom Festival in SF aka UNAGI BENTO!!!!!!!

Hey everyone. The Cherry Blossom Festival in San Francisco, CA is coming up soon. I'm going to be there on the last weekend of the festival, April 22-23.

I'm gonna have fun, eat all the yummy food and hang out with several lovely ladies coming to the event. ;-) ( OMG, I just realized what jinyo posted was true! X_x )

If anyone wants to do photo shoots during the weekend let me know. The photo shoots are free. I also can't guarantee a time that I will be there since it's so busy and crowded and traffic is insane. We'll just have to try and find each other with cell phones or what not.

I'll try to get to Civic Center before the parade on the 23rd, but traffic may thwart me. :( It happened last year. :(

Photo shoots are open to people in costume or if you just want a normal "fashion" shoot. Just let me know. :)
Tags: cherry blossom festival, photoshoots, san francisco
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