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Cherry Blossom Festival in San Francisco

Whew, such a busy and fun weekend! Of course, tristencitrine came to help judge the cosplay contest and attend the parade. She and Anthony were nice enough to invite me to help judge the contest and participate in the parade!

It was a lot of fun and really hard too. We had over 120 entries and so little time to look over everyone's costumes. At certain points we only had 30 seconds to look over someone's costume. :( I started calling it "speed judging!" LOL Not exactly ideal, :( but we did what we had to do get everyone judged and ready to walk the parade. Congratulations to all of the winners! And for those people who were able to ride the float. :)

Also thanks to Japan Video and Media for having me participate! They were nice enough to give me a media/photo badge so I could run around in the parade to take pictures. X-D They were also nice enough to give me a copy of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children DVD. OMG, that movie is so beautiful! I haven't played it with the English dub yet, I'll probably do that later. :) We also got very cool 8" figurine of this cute, kick ass ninja girl. LOL I don't know what series she's from, but she looks hot! X-D

Holy cow, I didn't even realize the FFVII:AC DVD doesn't come out until tomorrow! Damn, I feel special. LOL

So next time you're in Japantown, make sure you go to Japan Video and Media and show your support and buy stuff! :)

I also noticed something in the way we judge. The first place winner went to this wonderful pair of people who made the Wolf and San from Mononoke Hime. She was basically riding mount on the wolf! Such a wonderful costume. The 3 second places winners were all very "textured." reddheart's Alucard, a RG Vega character and a Necromancer from Guild Wars. All of them had such wonderful costumes, with fantastic designs, textures and attention to detail. I didn't even notice we did that until the winners got together on stage at once. LOL. :) Once again, congratulations to all! :)

After the parade and contest, we went to stuff our faces in the local food booths and restaurants. Such good food and wonderful company.

Enjoy the purikura we took last night with Tristen, Anthony and me being dorks. X-D

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