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[Cooking] Eggs in a Basket

Eggs in a BasketYes, this is from V for Vendetta. Since blackmarth made it, I had to try it too.

OMG, these things are so good! Why didn't anyone tell me about these things before? I swear I could make these every morning! X-D

I got most of the details from this thread which is the first link on Google when you search for "Eggs in a Basket." It's funny that they are also called, "Toad in a hole," "Egg in a Hole," or "Eggs in the Nest." Hahahaha... Toad in a Hole. :>

Slice of bread (use a thick bread). I use Taiwan Toast.
1 egg
1 pat of butter
pinch of salt
couple of grinds of fresh pepper

Turn the stove on to medium heat and heat up your frying pan. Put in the pat of butter and let it melt then spread it around the pan. Make a medium sized hole in your slice of bread. Enough for the egg yoke and most of the egg white to sit in the hole. Put the bread in the pan and let it absorb some of the better. Flip the bread so the other side can absorb the butter as well. Then let the bread toast for a minute or two. Make sure the bread is laying flat on the pan. Then crack the egg open into the middle of the hole. Add a pinch of salt and a couple of grinds of fresh pepper. Let the egg cook for a few minutes. Lift up the side of the bread to make sure the bread isn't burning. When you think the egg is cooked half way through, flip the whole thing over to let the other side cook though. Repeat until done.

OMG did I mention that this thing is really good? X-D Probably not the healthiest breakfast, but a couple of these will get you through the day. I mean, hey, if you are trying to overthrow a dictatorship, you need a hearty breakfast right? ;-)

I'm wondering if I can find a portable electric cook top with one heating coil? Anyone else know what I'm talking about? If I can, I'm taking it to AX and making these things every morning. X-D

PS: Doctor Who!
On a totally different note, the latest episode of Doctor Who is out! Doctor Who: School Reunion. It brings back a couple of old friends from the original Doctor Who series as well as guest starring Anthony Steward Head! Also check out Doctor Who: Confidential to see the behind the scenes of this episode along with interviews with the cast and crew.

PPS: I was bad today, I went out and picked up a new phone. But but but it's only $50! :) I'll probably write up a review of the phone when I come back from ACen. :>
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