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Japan Town Anime Faire

We another weekend another convention. Well this time it's more of a gathering then a convention. :)

The Japan Town Anime Faire is a first time convention held in Japan Town in San Francisco.

Unfortunately, being small and a first time con, there wasn't really that much to do that was related to the convention. The live programming was pretty limited, though they did get a voice actress from ADV as a guest of honor. They also had two anime rooms and a game room.

However, most of the time I spent with friends and taking pictures. Got to see some of the guys from The Baca Boys, usagimylene, Padme Skywalker, Tiffiany and Ashley from Ah! My Cosplay. Not to mention people from Cosplay.com like PikminLink, LuckinSpades, soletta, k_valentine and of course Katnap007, Chris and Kenny.

Oh oh oh! I got to meet Ramen and Rice! X-D Not too many people recognized them since they weren't in costume, nor were they playing the violin or the cello. :>

And get this! They know me from my costumes. 8-O That's so cool! Ok, my fanboy moment is over... really.

As always got lots of pictures of costumes and hung out. Being in Japan Town you just had to go eat at a Japanese restaurant. The food was quite yummy, of course. :) What can I saw, we ate... a lot. :> From Japanese food to pastries, to ice cream. Mmmm... :9

We also did some shopping. I didn't buy anything and was being good. The same could not be said about Katnap007. I think she bought every cosplay/EGL magazine that was in the Kinokuniya bookstore. :>

We tried to actually do something convention related, and finally settled on going to the subtitled anime room, which for some reason is held in another hotel, about a block away. :/

Dropped by the dance to see what was going on, but didn't go in. They did drop the ticket price from $10 to $5 when we got there, but decided to head home instead.

Kenny and company were nice enough to offer to drive me and tartetatin back home. I had gotten there by Bart.

I guess we needed to get home to prepare to enter the cosplay contest that was held on Sunday. X-| I thought I told myself I wasn't gonna cosplay this weekend. Oh well. :)

JTAF decided to have their masquerade on Sunday, I guess to try and keep people at the con, since usually Sunday is a dead day for anime conventions.

Katnap, tartetatin and I all entered the masquerade. Katnap wore her Summoner Yuna (Final Fantasy X) costume. Tartetatin wore Peorth (Ah! My Goddess) and I wore Zack (Dead or Alive 2).

We were running a little late, but that always happens. The registration was at 10am, and we didn't get there until 11am or so. But, thankfully they were still taking cosplay entries.

There were a lot of great costumes! I thought it was just gonna be a cake-walk, but man competition was stiff!

Somehow I was able to make it in one of the 4th place slots! X-D Katnap won 3rd place!

Actually, part of the reason I was up there was because ajmeow and positivespace were screaming their heads off in the crowd for me. X-D Ahh, my ego really needed that! Thanks ladies. :>

For the prizes, I got a .hack wall scroll, an Ed and Ein plushie (from Cowboy Bebop) and a Utena T-shirt.

The only bummer was that the Ed and Ein plush is the one that Bandai stole. :( The original plush designer had a much cutier Ed and Ein plush. Well, I really didn't buy it and it was given to me, so I'll enjoy it. I just don't like the fact that the design was stolen. :(

Katnap was pretty excited and actually... shocked. :) This was her first cosplay contest and was really surprised that she won. I don't know why, her Yuna costume is really good! Well... as long as you weren't in the car with her on the way here. She was duct taping just about everything. ;-)

First place went to the fantastic Freya costume from Final Fantasy IX.

After the winners were announced the MC asked all the cosplayers to do some really strange poses. Actually one of the funnier ones was the MC as asking cosplayers to do a Yaoi pose. So since PikminLink was standing next to me, we did a Yaoi pose. :) The MC and the crowd seemed quite amused that Link and Zack were mock kissing. PikminLink (who is a she btw) and I were both laughing about it. :)

We were all pretty hungry so we went get a celebratory meal. AJ being hungry and all very lime didn't want me to change before going to eat. :P So we all went in costume to the restaurant. I ordered then I went to the car and changed. :P

After that, AJ left, but we still wanted to get some pictures. We had found a Koi pond and garden in the Radisson Miyako Hotel. So we went there to take some pictures. It was really pretty there.

You won't see any of me though, since ahh... Zack doesn't really fit a Koi garden. :) But, Yuna and Peorth fit in quite well and we got some really nice pictures! :)

Anyway, here are the pictures I took of the event, Japan Town Anime Faire Photos.

I'll probably add more from tartetatin when she sends her pictures to me.
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