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ACen Pictures

Like I said in my last ACen post, I had a fantastic time this year! X-D you'll easily see it in the photos.

Dead or Alive

Talk about the room of Dead or Alive. LOL Between Al, Me, anagel, heki, infini_iv and amy_the_yu we all had DOA costumes. LOL kesteral had a costume too, but sadly it had some... "issues." Like being able to stick to a wall under it's own power. X-D I dunno, I thought a DOA/Katamari cross over character would have gone over well. X-D


Holy cow, we had a huge DOA gathering! And of course, I was the goof off in the pic. You tend to get that way when you're in a bright shiny bodysuit. LOL!

Thanks to Brian for both pictures!

Gundam Seed Destiny
So yay! I finally finished my ZAFT uniform! Took me long enough right? X-D Thanks muchly to tristencitrine for the fabric and heki for the wonderful wig! I just love that wig! It's so soft and the color is amazing! :)

These lovely pictures taken by lionboogy.





Brian borrowed my camera and took some really amazing pictures! This is a good thing, since he was having so much fun with it, that I was really worried he wasn't gonna give it back to me at the end of the day. ;-)


Brian then had this great idea to take pictures from the second floor down to the second level lobby with this fantastically textured floor. He really did take some great pictures from up there!

Awww heki is making the cutest face there. X-D


This of course is the BEST SHOT EVER! OMG!!!! Brain really needs to get an DSLR! :)

infini_iv made an amazing Kingdom Hearts II Axel. Seriously, every time I saw her she was surrounded by photographers and people who wanted to hug her. X-D

Also the tiled circles on the floor and her amazing weapons. I love this photo SO much! X-D


Anagel's Chun Li.


Hahaha, another awesome picture. Too bad I was going, "Huh? What? What's going on?" expression on my face. :) However, everyone else had fantastic expressions. X-D


Yay! Group picture with everyone. Left to right: Brian, heki, Me, kesteral, infini_iv, amy_the_yu and anagel.


13th_kingdom, me and saeru. Why does this picture make us look like we're in some sort of boy band? X-D


One of the millions of cute things Heki bought at the con! X-D


Lionel imitating the plushy. X-D


I just found this so funny the amount of boots that we had in our room. X-D What's even more funny that is that two of them mine! LOL! Left to right, My Zack and Gundam boots, Heki's Gundam boots and Anagel's Chun Li boots.


We had an insane number of pillows in our room. But we couldn't quite make out what the heck this pillow was for since they were really uncomfortable and hard. :P Though Amy found a good use for it. ;-)


OMG I haven't seen Julia and Limbarb in ages! Haha, the ladies just love boys in vinyl. X-D I need to wear that coat out more. ;-)


Yay! I also haven't seen Cospinay in years! So much has changed, she got married and had a baby since the last time I saw her! Waaaah, I need to get out to the midwest more often!


Everyone staying in the hotel room, sans Al. He had already gone out getting more pictures of cosplayers.


Just because we're dorks. X-D

So yah, as you can see, ACen was just so much damned fun! I've been away too long. :) And of course, the usual after every con, my LJ friends list grows by a few more people. :D Wow, adding people to LJ after you've met them in person. What a novel concept. :D
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