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Paid Private Photoshoots at Fanime

Hey all. As I'm frantically finishing up my costumes for Fanime, I almost forgot to post here.

I'll be offering Paid Private Photoshoots at Fanime this coming weekend.

Cost: $25 individual + $10 for each additional person
Time: 30-45 minute shoot
Results: At least 20 really good photos
Location: Within walking distance of the convention center and hotel

I'm afraid I'm completely booked up for Saturday of the con. :/ But I am free most of Friday, Sunday and Monday if anyone is still interested.

As always, you can check out my latest photoshoots to see the kind of photos that will be taken.


Hmm... I have shoots from 9am to 5pm on Saturday so it will be a very light cosplay day for me.

On the plus side, if I'm still free Friday, I'll probably wear Zack and join the DOA gathering on Friday afternoon. (I can't really take photos in Zack as my hands are covered in a one peice body suit). Hmm, though I didn't realize this, but if I do wear Zack, I can be my own light reflector. X-D I should try that this weekend and see how the photos turn out. ;-)

And of course Sunday I'll be GSEEDing it up with sana_chan. Woot! :D

PS: Hahahahahahahaha... the latest VG Cats comic is hilarious. X-D
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