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Fanime 2006 : Masquerade Photos

Hey everyone.

OMG I'm so tired! O_O

But I've gotten around to finishing up the photos I took at the masquerade.

First off, it's really tough shooting any masquerade. The stage is really badly lit, there's lots of fast moving action and there were these stupid speaker/monitor things at the front of the stage. That's what those black boxes you see in the pictures are... so annoying. X-P

So in order to get any usable photos I used my 85mm/1.8f Canon lens and shooting at 1600 ISO. So the images are pretty grainy and since I was using a fast, fixed lens, I couldn't zoom.

But it's a very interesting experence shooting that way. You have to think fast in framing and working around annoying obstructions like those speaker/monitor things.

I posted the usable ones here:

Fanime 2006 : Masquerade Photos


OMG fanboys are SO SCARY! O_O


Oh no, he's at it again...


I feel like dancing!


Ooooooh, shiny...




Why that's a big gun your carrying... and a short skirt you're wearing. ;-)


Congratulations to ajmeow and aimeekitty the Best In Show Winners!!! X-D


I love how I was able to catch her in mid turn with her hair all spinny... from the Burst Angel group.


OMG such a cute skit! X-D


Saiyuki-The Boy Band!


Hahaha, that's so Goku! :>


Ahhh Japan, the land of Pocky and cute girls. X-D


Now why don't MY mechanics look like them? ;-)


*wink* -_^



I'm pretty happy I was able to catch this moment too. :)


Watch that tongue missy. ;-P




Ahhh, kawaiiaya gets all the girls.


USA Musume in the HOUSE!
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