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Ziggy Becket

Fanime 2006 : Saturday

A few pictures from Saturday at Fanime, mostly private shoots and a few casual pictures too. :)


ajmeow and aimeekitty as Oscar and Andre. And despite the clock, it was more lik 9am then 4pm. :P


OMG they are the biggest geeks ever. ;-)


Yama, Umi and Hayashi of akai SKY.


sana_chan as Van.


richiied as Allen.

You know, she's grabbing that sword as if she's holding a...

I think she's learning how to be a real man. ;-)


scruffyrebel as Hitomi.


utenatai as Rukia from Bleach.

Though, this picture looks less Bleach and more like... Maxim. X-D


Trinity Blood




dejitaru and alkaline_black as Bridget from Guilty Gear.


More Trinity Blood.

You know... I've never enjoyed being looked down upon by anyone before. ;-)


The "infamous", How to Talk to Girls : Lingerie Edition panel.

I only went to test out my 85mm/1.8f lens... really... >_>; <_<; The lens performed really well I think. I mean, considering the low light and sitting quite a distance away from the front of the room.


"Hello Old Friend"

Someone I haven't seen in a long long time.


A few hours and many drinks later... X-D

I'll bet you money Mel doesn't remember anything at that point. X-D
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