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Fanime 2006 : Sunday

Pictures from Fanime. I'm on a photo processing roll! :D


The only picture if I have of jinyo, rurouni_jedi, g_mal, scruffyrebel and company in their Gankutsuou costumes.

>_< I'm so kicking myself for not being around to take more. *kick kick*

Man they look awesome, and I completely did not recognize any one of them until they actually said something. Yes, that's how good they were in addition to their fantastic costumes!


A wonderful Dynasty Warriors group.


moriyama_umi and Hayashi from s-CRY-ed.



OMG!!!! dejitaru is a girl... dressed in girls clothes!

... and she's kinda hot... <_<; >_>;


OMG!!!! alkaline_black is a boy... and dressed like a boy!!

... ok he's kinda hot too...


Yaya in her wonderful Lum costume.


Raaaaawwwrrrr. ;-)


The... O-something Ouran High School Host Club. Yah I suck at remembering the names of these series. I'm sure someone will tell me soon enough though. :D


How *you* doin'!




Night Elf from WoW.


braisinhussy from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.


utenatai as Seres Victoria from Hellsing right before the masquerade.

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