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Private Photoshoot: Junko Mizuno Artbook Illustrations

This photoshoot was taken during Anime Central 2006, held in Chicago, Ill.

Jia Crens and Limebarb as characters from Junko Mizuno Artbook Illustrations

So the story behind these costumes is that Junko Mizuno would attend Anime Central, so Jia and Limbebarb decided to make costumes based on her artbook. I have to say their outfits and their wigs were just amazing. In particular I loved the way the jackets opened up to form a crescent shape. I dunno why, I just found that the coolest thing. :D

I for one had a lot of fun at the shoot and I hope the ladies did as well. As you can tell we got a little bit silly during the shoot. X-D

Private Photoshoot: Junko Mizuno Artbook Illustrations

Phallic? Nahhh... X-D

Ok a little more artsy and less... suggestive. ;-D


They both got their costumes signed by the artist. :D

So the walk way that connects the hotel and the convention center has some really... interesting murals in the cooridors. Jia and Limebarb decided to have some fun with the "people" on the wall. X-D

Wow, such a lucky vegetable seller. ;-)

Wow, they have similar smiles don't they? ;-)

Um.... yah... X-D

Mmmmm legs. ;-) And that hypnotic couch strangely works in this photo. LOL!

Ahhh, it's good being the photographer. ;-)
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