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Private Photoshoot: Cyber Goths at the EMP in Seattle, Washington

The photoshoot organized by jonisey was held at the Experience Music Project in Seattle, Washington.


These photos were taken during Sakura Con 2006, so yah, things are a bit late.

But do you know the saying, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder." Well I saw these pictures when I first got back from Sakura Con. But now that I look at them a couple of months later, and wow... just wow. I wonder who took some of these pictures as I was working on them. ;-)

I think some of these photos are my best yet, despite the very difficult shooting conditions. It was cold, dark and starting to rain. ;-) But having some of the hottest cosplayers in one place helped make the time go, oh so fast. ;-)

Cyber Goths at the EMP in Seattle, Washington

jonisey's photos from the shoot are here.


The hottest gathering of cosplayers in Seattle. ;-)


Heheh, I still love this picture. It looks so cool, even if jonisey had no idea I was taking a picture of her ass. ;-)


Hmmm, I did take a lot of pictures of her back-side didn't I? :O






The shadow ssmitty casts in her Lust costume just works so well here. O_O



I just love ssmitty's black hair and costume blends into the background with just the red details of her costume poking through. :D






A lucky light there. ;-)


The red and yellow/green background just worked amazingly with Saxy's makeup and outfit! She also just looks so intense. :)



Rock Star! ;-)


Tristen Citrine


Oh my, boobs. ;-)


The details in Char's dress and hair is just INSANE!






Awwww, Yaya is just so cute! X-D



The new EGL lamp, available on Cosworx. ;-)


"When you wish upon a star..."



Space Needle


Jonisey (Actual Size)



Casual Shots



Behind the Scenes



Camera War!!!


I wonder what they are talking about. X-D




Woohoo, legs. ;-)


Hahaha rhein007 goofing off. X-D

A zip file of all of the images in 900x600 and 640x427 is right here.

If anyone wants a couple of CDs of the original JPEGs and the fixed images just shoot me an email, include your mailing address if I don't already have it.

I took around 580 photos and only posted 72 photos. So if you wanna see all of my screw-ups go ahead. LOL! But you'll also get the full sized good images too. :)
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