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Touching is Good!

Yay! I finally got a Nintendo DS lite! X-D

I got it along with Brain Age.

Both Best Buy and Circuit City have online coupons to get a free copy of Brain Age when you buy a DS lite. It's good from June 11-18th.

I wanted to get Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice for All and Trauma Center: Under the Knife. Sadly, those are two of the hardest DS games to find. :( So I'll have to try and get it on eBay or something. :( I'm thinking about getting The New Super Mario Brothers or Tetris DS. But I'll get those after I play Brain Age and when I finish Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, which is a regular GBA game no less. X-D

So yes, I bought a DS lite to play a GBA game. X-D

So this is the DS lite next to my Special Edition, Final Fantasy IV, Gameboy Micro that I got on my last trip to Japan.

Obviously, I have to get used to the size difference in holding a Micro and a DS lite. But at least it's not as big as the original DS. I could never get over how big the original DS was. O_O

As you can see the screens are so much different. Both are bright and beautiful. Ironically, I've noticed the details on the GBA micro are much better, because the screen is smaller and the pixels are packed in tighter. But no complaints about the DS screen. It's so much brighter then the regular DS too. I actually have to have the screen brightness down a couple of levels so it doesn't hurt my eyes while looking at the screens. X-D

So far, I haven't noticed any dead pixels either, so yay!

The major differences in the two are the controls. The buttons on the DS lite seem a little stiffer then the micro. The buttons on the micro are spungy and soft. Nothing I can't get used to though, control is still great and responsive while playing a game.

The DS lite playing a GBA game, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. My current addiction. X-D

As you can see on the bottom, when you plug a regular GBA game into the bottom slot, the GBA cartradge sticks out a bit. Of course it makes it look a bit ugly, but eh, that's the price you pay for a smaller DS.

This is the GBA cartridge and the DS lite blank plug side by side. You can see how much the size difference is. Oh well, it's worth the cartridge sticking out, so I'll just live with it. :)

So yah, if anyone has any suggestions for DS games, let's hear them. X-D I'm open to suggestions. :D
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