Ziggy Becket (ziggybecket) wrote,
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New Super Mario Bros.

New Super Mario BrosI swear to god, I'm such a fanboy for Nanako Matsushima.

When I was in Japan last year, I saw her commercials for the Japanese Brain Age game for the DS (YouTube). That made me want to get a DS and the Brain Age game. Which I got. X-D

After watching her commercials for the New Super Mario Bros. (first one, second one) I got it too. X-D She has such a way of showing off how fun something can be.

God, I'm glad she's not doing commercials for anything really expensive, I'd go broke. X-D

Yah, I'm such a sucker for a pretty face. :>

PS. Nanka Matsushima was in the Japanese version of The Ring (Ringu) which I still need to go see.

PPS: Oh yah, about the game. X-D It's so much fun! The graphics are also amazing on the DS as well. My only grip from playing for like, half an hour, is that you can only save after a castle level. Not a huge deal though, since it will just "sleep" when you close the lid. Mario even says, "Bye bye!" when you do. X-D
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