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Nana Kitade at the Virgin Megastore in San Francisco

Nana Kitade at the Virgin Megastore in SFI was able to grab a few photos while I was there. Sadly they wouldn't let me take any pictures of her while she was singing. Blah. Only during the autograph and Q&A sessions.

She only performed 3 songs off of her new US album, it was short, but she did a really good job. Her music is very much j-pop and energetic.


See seemed to be very happy meeting and greeting her fans here in the States.


Busy signing autographs.


Got this photo as she was posing for a photo with a fan.


The turn out was surprisingly large. She was signing autographs for quite a while.


This is an interesting shot. I took this picture right as someone else's camera was doing it's pre-flash. So it lit up just her eyes. The rest of the shot has a lot of motion blur though. Still, very lucky shot here. :)


An online web site interviewing some fans who showed up in FMA garb.


A cute candid shot of her smiling while she was listening to her translator. This was during the Q&A session.


Nana Kitade getting up from behind the table and thanking all the people who went to the Virgin Megastore to greet to her.

The rest of the photos are linked here: Nana Kitade in San Francisco.

So yah, today was a productive day. Went to SF to do some shopping before Nana Kitade's Live. I just happened to be in the Levis store as they were having a 50% off sale. I got a pair of jeans for $12! Woot! X-D Found H&M. They have a really nice selection of stuff and cheap prices. Will definitely have to go back there and get some things. Only had a chance to look real briefly.

After the live, alkaline_black and I went out to dinner at what has to be the SLOWEST DINER IN SF! O_O Took them forever to take our order and finally bring out the food.

Oh well, we geeked out about video games so it was ok. But I was hungry!

I took BART into SF so it gave me chance to start playing Final Fantasy IV Advance again. Woot! I beat Asura on my way up to SF and got Leviathan heading back down to Fremont. LOL! :)

Anyway, enjoy the pictures. :D
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