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Final Fantasy IV Completed!

Before I go on about FFIV, I just wanted to thank everyone who came to AOD on Saturday and attended my cosplay photography panel! :)

I honestly thought there wouldn't be much interest but I wanted to try to do it anyway. But to my total shock, half of the room was full (about 20 or so people). Thank you all for coming! And of course, thanks to positivespace for being my panel buddy and helping me out! :D

Anyway, I hope it was useful and entertaining. :) I'll post more about AOD later. :)

So back to FFIV. I finished the last boss and finished the game.

To be honest, I was a bit disappointed. The story just wasn't very engaging and I really didn't connect with any of the characters.

There wasn't anything wrong with the game play and the music was lovely. But I just sort of feel let down with the story.

I'm playing the FFIV Advance version of the game and that included a new dungeon that wasn't in the original game. Apparently it opens up more story elements to the side characters. I don't know if I'm going to bother finishing that.

However! I am really excited about the upcoming release of Final Fantasy VI for the Gameboy Advance. Yes, that's 6. X-D Yah I know it's out for the PS1 but I've only really been playing games on my DS now.

Speaking of which, I know a 3D version of Final Fantasy III is coming out for the DS. They totally revamped it and it looks a lot like Chrystal Chronicles for the Gamecube. I'm undecided about whether I'm going to get that or not. I'll wait for the reviews I guess.

Funny, I actually have the urge to start playing FFX-2 again. X-D I'm sure it has absolutely nothing to do with 3 girls in skimpy outfits. X-D

To close, the Piano Squall concert at AOD was just fantastic! Not only that, but Ramen and Rice also performed with him to play, "1000 Words" from FFX-2.

I was able to grab this photo of hoshikaji during the concert. Beautiful music and beautiful girls, what a lovely way to end the evening. :D
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