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Anime Overdose 2006

Hey everyone!

To start with, I wanted to thank everyone who came to the Cosplay Photography Panel. I can't say it enough, but I had a wonderful time presenting it and I hope everyone got something out of it. :) And of course, thanks to positivespace for helping me out with the panel!

Since the panel went over so well, I'm looking forward to doing it again at a future con. :D

Anyway, here's some pictures from this past weekend. Please enjoy them!


This is Amber and Robin of Sucker Punch Tees. For those of you who are local, you'll recognize them as the Galaxy Fraulein Yuna cosplayers from Cherry Blossom Festival a few years ago.

We got to chatting for a while at their dealer's table. Make sure to check out their web site! :)

Merlin Crossingham from Aardman Animation was one of the guests of honor at the con. He worked on Aardman's most recent feature film, Wallace & Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit! He came with some of the actual models used in the movie!


OMG it's Robo-Gromit!


You can see the metal skeleton used to keep the structure of the clay models.


A partial cast from Curse of the Were-Rabbit. You can sort of see the scale of the models when compared to the water bottle on the left.


Mr. Merlin Crossingham. Discussing how they do the movie and other projects at Aardman.



utenatai in her, now award winning, Yuuko costume from xxxHolic!

Congratulations! X-D



"None shall pass!"

positivespace as Yuu from Karma Shenjing!




kawaiiaya and antieden cosplaying from Emma.


Piano Squall during his concert after the Cosplay OD.

What can I say, I was just blown away by his concert with his arrangement of Final Fantasy and video game music.



OMG isn't pikacello just cute as a button! A BUTTON I SAY! ;-D


I was able to grab hoshikaji while Piano Squall and Ramen and Rice were playing, "1000 Words" from Final Fantasy X-2. During the concert they had video from the games being projected behind them.


Hahaha the best promotion of my panel I could ever ask for. X-D


During dinner, the sushi restaurant we went to had these "OB" beer mugs. It seemed very appropriate for all of the Otaku Booty members that were there. X-D I really think John needs to sell these mugs on his site or something! LOL


Poor Eve. She was given the responsibility of MCing the con dance, when the DJ backed out at the last minute. So it was just her, her iPod and Ashley's Bose iPod speaker/dock to the rescue. Believe it or not, that little speaker pumped out AMAZING sound. Not bad when you only had 20 minutes to set up a dance. X-D
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