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Private Photoshoot: Sherrice and Ryuhou from s-CRY-ed

This private photoshoot was held during Fanime 2006 in San Jose, CA.

moriyama_umi as Sherrice
Hayashi as Ryuhou

Hehe, I have to say, poor Hayashi. During the photoshoot he had a terrible allergy attack from something around the convention center. He was sneezing up a storm, he even popped a few snaps on his costume from it!

I will have to say he was a total trooper. He was even able to contain his sneezes for before or after I pressed the shutter on the camera. LOL!

Anyway, please enjoy the photos. :)

Private Photoshoot: Sherrice and Ryuhou from s-CRY-ed


Awww, she's so alone...






Umi looks so calm, but I think she's actually laying on top of some metal bar on the bench. It prevents people from sleeping on the benches I think. :P







Na na na na na na na, BAT MAN!!!

Sorry, I couldn't resist. ;-)

A zip file containing both large and small versions from this photoshoot.
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