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Anime Expo 2006 Photo Preview

As most of you know I'm seriously behind on posting photos, especially AX photos. Thank you all for being patient with me.

So I thought I'd try to fix things by posting a preview of some of the photos I took.

There will be another edition to this in a couple of days. Sorry if you're not in this first batch. :(


heki as Lacus - It looks like Lacus found a new protector!


jubeiwag as Pip from Hellsing.

Dood! Don't die from heat stroke! O_O


Kabuki_Killer as Mana for the Mana panel. :)


shinbios as Black Cat


psylocke as Juclesia from Magna Carta.


redpikachu as Chun Li


Adrian and Brian as Cloud and Vincent


princess_mark from Final Fantasy XII


Who are these hot girls! heki, kitkat_nap and sever007 that's who!


rukawagf from Trinity Blood


jinyo as the biggest bitch of them... errr... Kadaj. ;-)


anagel, Adrian, Brian and who's creeping up behind them! It's saeru!

The bike of course made by the incredible lionboogy.


I'm also really happy with this shot, considering how many people were around the bike with all of the FFVII:AC cosplayers around!


Maybe your my love!
mognetcentral and huongstar as the twins from Ouran Host Club.

Holy crap they really ARE twins. O_O

Damn it, I wish I saw the series before AX, I have so many awesome ideas for photos now. X-D


Tiff from X/1999.


Part of the photoshoot I had with pixiekitty015 and neon_genocide.

Holy crap! I haven't had a chance to tell you yet, but congratulations!!!! X-D X-D X-D X-D

Oh yah, back to the pictures... this just goes to show that sunset is an AWESOME time to take pictures. I had neon_genocide walk toward me which gave his jacket the swishing look.




heki in her Rider costume from Fate/Stay Night.

It's just vinyl awesomeness! The only downside of course is that she can't move. X-D But who cares, she looks awesome! :)

And no more wise cracks from the peanut gallery, you hear that pixiekitty015 and neon_genocide!! ;-)




suguishi from RO.


jubeiwag as the best Howl EVAR! ;-)


jubeiwag does some really fast costume changes. ;-) This time he's a school boy from Hana Kimi.


Err, ignore the guy on the left. Check out the hot babe that is hiroe_chan on the right! Rrrrraaaaarrrr! ;-)


kuronosho as Vincent from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.

I swear we are the biggest nerds ever. If you were there, you should have seen us talk about camera geekery and then cosplay geekery as we compared notes on taking photos and his costume. :D




That's all for now folks!
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