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AX 2007 Announces dates and Hard Gay gets married!

Well I'm glad to see that AX has announced dates for next year. Thankfully it's going to be June 29 to July 2nd (Friday through Monday).

On the drive back from AX this year, I remember talking about the fact that AX might go July 1st through 4th. Which would have been Sunday through Wednesday. O_O Thankfully it's back to it's regular weekend schedule.

Also note the move to Long Beach this year. I have to say, the Long Beach con center is just lovely and there's plenty to eat around the con center now. I'll always have a special place in my heart for that con center, since that's where I attended my first AX. It'll be good to go back honestly, especially if they are able to properly manage the crowds next year. :)


And I got this from rukawagf.

'Hard Gay' ties the knot

Congratulations to him!!

Ok... I read the article. Is it just me or does this passage sorta creep you out?
Suzuki, 23, also released a public comment. "I will quit my (showbiz) office as soon as I finish my current duties," she said. "I want to devote myself to Mr. Sumitani and create a happy family."
Yah, I understand that for women in Japan it's understood that you quit your job once you get married and all of that. And yah, as a "guy" I should be saying... "Damn right women! That's how it's supposed to be!"

But, I dunno. Personally, I'd be really creeped out if the woman I was going to marry quit her job and then "devoted herself" to me. O_O That idea sorta gives me the shivers. It's a cultural thing I guess? I guess I like my women independent. LOL! X-D

That or something got jumbled in the translation. :)


Finally... I was in Cupertino house hunting and after looking around I stopped off at Whole Foods to do some grocery shopping.

I got half a pound of fresh yellow tail ahi tuna for
sashimi. (Yum!) Some fresh figs (super yum!) and since they had cheeze tasting stations all over the store, I picked up 3 different cheeses; Gouda Goat Arina, Brie German Cambozola Blue and my current favorite, French Triple Creme Belletiolle. (OMGWTFBBQ!!!!111 Yum!)

God I can't wait until I move down to that area. I'll go broke faster, but I'll eat so much better. X-D
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