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Private Photoshoot: Rider from Fate/Stay Night

A private photoshoot held in Anaheim, CA during Anime Expo 2006.

Both me and heki were crazy enough to do this shoot at 3am in the morning. O_o; I was so busy that weekend but I really wanted to do a night shoot with heki in her Rider. So after I was free and she got read it became like 3am in the morning. We finished around 4 or something crazy like that.

But I think the photos turned out amazingly well, considering it was at night. No flash and only using the overhead lights on the top floor of the Anaheim convention center. Which is a fantastic location for photos. I know slave_to_anime took braisinhussy up there for a shoot at an equally ungodly hour and his photos turned out amazing as well. :)

Anyway, enough blabbing, enjoy the photos.

heki as Rider from Fate/Stay Night

Private Photoshoot: Rider from Fate/Stay Night











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