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Private Photoshoot: Kare Kano

A private photoshoot held in Lancaster, CA.

g_mal as Souichirou Arima
richiied as Hideaki Asaba
rurouni_jedi as Yukino Miyazawa

Ok, guys I don't know Kare Kano, so you're gonna have to tell me who was whom. :)

Private Photoshoot: Kare Kano

We has a lot of fun at this shoot, since we all knew each other and what can I say? They are all a bunch of goofs. ;-) So please enjoy the pictures. :)





I hate shooting in direct sunlight because I'm always afraid of screwing up the exposure. But wow... this shot turned out FANTASTIC. Oh yah, g_mal had something to do with it too... ;-)





There is a more serious version of this shot, but you'll just have to check the gallery to see it. This one was way too good not to post here. ;-)



I really didn't like the way the colors turned out in this photo. But it was such a cute pose I didn't want to trash it. So I desaturated it and it looks surprisinly good. At least I think so. :)




I just love the expressions on both of their faces. <3

Hahaha, so g_mal was supposed to be making sure rurouni_jedi wasn't flashing anyone during this pose, but he had some other ideas. ;-)

Photos not included in the galleries, because I wasn't sure if they wanted them in there or not. ;-)


It must have been fate. Just as g_mal was doing this and I took a picture, a gust of wind blew up her very very short skirt. X-D


She looks so amused. ;-)


And look who crashed the shoot. ;-)
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