Ziggy Becket (ziggybecket) wrote,
Ziggy Becket

Pumpkin Smash!

Ok... you know, I'm just *so* addicted to the Pumpkin Smash at Jamba Juice. I've had two of them this week already and had to stop myself from getting another one for lunch today.

In case you don't know what this form of crack is, it's basically a smoothie with pumpkin mix. Mmmm. They usually have it around Halloween and Thanksgiving.

This may explain why I'm a slight shade of orange the next time you see me. :)

* * *

Oh check out the pictures from Ani-Magic by i360.com! Wow they took a *lot* of pictures of our Sakura Taisen gathering! Yay! He even got our Shonen Red group!

We've successfully taken one photographer away from the Final Fantasy gathering that was held at the same time! ::Ziggy declares victory:: :D

I definitely need to email them and ask permission to use their pictures. The black and white contrasting one of me is especially weird... 8-O

I'm also really looking forward to tristencitrine's photos. :D

* * *

Another bit of randomness... I just remembered how I realized that plush toys don't have body heat...

Ok, stay with me, I'm not totally insane. :)

I remember when I was a kid and it was during winter time. It was really cold and I had to get up. But I wanted to keep the bed warm, so I grabbed the biggest plush toy I had (a big panda I think) and put him under the covers to keep it warm.

To my dismay when I got back, the bed was cold. :( This is how I realized that plush toys don't give off body heat. :~(

Ahh the laws of thermo-dynamics for kids. :>

* * *

Just caught up on watching Angel. Mmmmm Fred is so... raaaarr... she has that whole sexy secretary thing going for her... and the accent...

Hmm... ok... TMI... sorry. :)
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