Ziggy Becket (ziggybecket) wrote,
Ziggy Becket

Private Photoshoot: Yzak and Dearka from Gundam SEED

A private photoshoot held in Lancaster, CA.

nerdcore as Yzak
unlock as Dearka

Yay Gundam SEED cosplay! X-D

Private Photoshoot: Yzak and Dearka from Gundam SEED





I can totally see this being used in some fanfic. ;-) Oh yah, the door to the left? It's the women's restroom. X-D




Awww, Yzak is always so serious. :D


Yo yo yo!


Eesh, cosplayers, always fixing their hair or makeup. Can't take them anywhere. ;-)


Hahahaha, this picture is just hilarious. We were moving to another part of the hotel when ondorikun locked hands with unlock. Then for no reason she just threw her hands up and kicked up her feet. X-D She didn't even know I was taking the photo, I think. Hahaha, ondorikun is just so funny. X-D
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