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Private Photoshoot: Gilgasmex

A private photoshoot held in Lancaster, CA.


We went into the desert again this year to do this photoshoot. Based on our Gilgamesh outfits, they decided to forgo the symbols and just be... Gilgasmex. ;-) Yes it's a silly in joke, but very appropriate. :)

Also make sure to check out slave_to_anime's and Jeff's photos as well. Between the 3 of us we got a lot of fantastic photos.

Private Photoshoot: Gilgasmex
(Zip of all the photos)










I think someone is... sleepy...


Now why don't I get THIS view through my wind shield, huh?


This is one of the few cases I ever use a flash. It worked out FANTASTICALLY. Her red costume, the fiery background. Ok, so the flash isn't that bad after all. :)


Again, this photo turned out really well, even with the flash. It kept the fiery red sky of the background and lit up jinyo and even showed off his creepy ass eyes. ;-)



Behind the scenes photos

Trying out slave_to_anime's AWESOME Canon L lens when we were heading out to the desert.


Man, that jinyo is such a woman, always fixing his hair. ;-)




OMG! She scratched the CARRRRRRR!
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