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A few quick snaps from Yaoi Con

Yaoi Con Preview Photos

I didn't take that many photos really. I was too busy Saturday playing Host Club duties with (inhale), aimeekitty, ajmeow, Cheif, dejitaru, kitkat_nap, positivespace, tristencitrine, and twjudy. It was a blast! :>

I hope the people who came to be hosted enjoyed the tea, cookies and sandwiches. :) Heheh, there's a few funny stories about that, but the most amusing was the fact that a few of the women who came in where just SHOCKED that we "hosted" them. There was genuine awe on their faces. X-D Also when we posed for group pictures, some of the girls actually squeed like in the anime. I really didn't think we'd get that kind of reaction. LOL! :D

Thanks to all the photographers, lionboogy, kuronosho, slave_to_anime and others for taking our pictures. Can't wait to see them! :>

I also got photos with evanae in our Gundam SEED costumes. I swear, I haven't cosplayed in so long, I was starting to miss it. I think the last time I put on a costume was... AX? O_o Much too long, so this weekend was lots of fun. :>

PS. lionboogy, this is what you get for not going to the con on Sunday. ;-)
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