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Arrrg, it's all Apple's fault. :P

Ack, why are you doing this to me? :P

Ok, so I've been lusting after the iRiver MP3 player. Other then a 20 gig MP3 player, it also records. It has both line-in/out AND optical in/out, which is a first for MP3 players.

But JUST TODAY Apple announced that iTunes will work with Windows and DUN DUN DUN... they are going to start selling a memory card reader to store images from a digital camera to the iPod!

Waaaah! This way I wouldn't have to take my laptop along to conventions and stuff. I could just save the pictures I've taken onto an iPod. I always think I'm gonna get online with it too, but that never happens since there's so much to do. :)

The only thing is that the media reader is $99... ugh... ok, I gotta think about this...

MP3 player with recording capablity and an LCD remote, or iPod with a butt-load of accessories and now iTunes...


iRiver IHP-120 Apple iPod 20gig Notes
Capacity: 20gig 20gig
Battery Life: 16 hours 8 hours The iRiver has twice the battery life.
Language Support: Full i18n support using different language encodings Unicode support With the iRiver I have to change language encodings so I wouldn't be able to view Japanese and then Chinese at the same time. With the iPod's Unicode support I can view both at the same time. But I'd have to change all my Chinese ID3 tags from BIG5 to Unicode.
Audio Support: MP3, OGG, WAV, WMA MP3, ACC, Audible, WAV I'd never use WMA (Windows Media Audio) and probably not OGG, but Audible support would be nice. I've used them before to listen to Car Talk and have bought a few audio books online.</a>
Wired Remote: LCD remote Remote with basic controls The iRiver remote is great, I can control the entire device without ever touching the main unit. (I have an iRiver MP3/CD player). One of the primary reasons I picked the iRiver over the iPod at the time. The iPod has a basic remote for play/stop, FF, RW and volume control.
Recording: Recording to WAV or MP3 Voice recording (w/ optional accessory) Big advantage of the iRiver, it can record from line in or optical in and has a built in mic for voice recording.
Input/Output Standard Line-In/Line-Out, Optical-In/Optical-Out Standard Line-Out via Dock
Computer Interface: USB 1.1/2.0 Firewire (IEEE 1394) and USB 1.1/2.0 (with optional cable)
Accessories of Note None Car Adaptor

Media Reader

Battery Pack
Another one of iPod's strengths is that it has so many accessories. The car adapater is nice in that it will charge the iPod and provide a powered line-out. The Media Reader of course would let me do photo dumps during conventions and the battery pack is a good way to have back up power on long trips. The iRiver is from a smaller company and of course is brand new, so there aren't many accessories. Of course, it also doesn't need many of them (ie. super long battery life and can record).
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