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Ani-Magic 2006 Photos

Holy Crap! Yes you read that right, I'm posting general con photos! O_O

Yah I know, I haven't done one of these since... Sakura Con! Yah... I fail. :(

So here's what I've decided to do. I'm going to spend my energies cleaning up and post-processing private photoshoots. All the other con photos I take I'm just going to batch process, resize and post. Sadly that means that my general con photos won't look as good as the private shoots. :(

That's the decision I've made, since if I don't do this, most of these photos will never get posted at all. :(

I hope you'll all understand. Of course, it's entirely possible that no one can tell the difference between the two and I'm wasting my time tweaking pictures. X-D

Ani-Magic 2006 Photos

With that said, here's a sampling of the photos from the con.











Woooooooah.... What's going on here....?


Ooooh... my....



Hahahaha, cosplayers are so funny. This is utenatai groping rurouni_jedi's Zelda costume.

I can see it now... Renge (school girl/cosplayer from Ouran Host Club) nitpicking Princess Zelda.


pikacello: Now be a good boy and let me fix your hair.
waynekaa: Awww Mom! My hair is fine!!!


Secret behind the scene photos in the USA Musume room! O_O


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