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Private Photoshoot: Bin from her 2am PV

A private photoshoot held in San Francisco, CA during Yaoi Con 2006.

deathxangel as Bin

This outfit is based on Bin's 2am PV.

Private Photoshoot: Bin from her 2am PV
(Zip of all the photos)

Please enjoy the photos. :)

Personal Favorites





Errr yah... this picture...
What can I say, it was sort of an "accident" but then I saw no reason to delete the photo. I know, I know it's a little gratuitous... and I'm going to be killed when deathxangel sees that I posted this picture. X-) But come on, reflections are a great thing. O:)



Awwwww. :)



I just love her hair in this shot.




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