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For Sale: Photo Printer and Ethernet Switches

Hello everyone!

Seems like everyone is selling stuff around this time and since my move I've been meaning to get rid of the TONS of computer equipment I have stacked around. Starting with the following:
Now I'm guessing the only thing anyone on my flist will want is the photo printer. But who knows maybe you need some network switches for your home NOC (Network Operations Center)? ;-) Hey, that's what I was using them for before going mostly wireless.

Sony Digital Photo Printer

This is a dedicated photo printer. It prints photos and it prints them very well. Instead of an inkjet or laser it uses a thermal wax transfer process. The advantage of this process is that these photos resist fading, moisture and the colors will last much longer then regular inkjet prints.

If you want to print out your photos and have them last, you want to use this printer.

Netgear FS105/FS108 - 5 or 8 Port Ethernet Switch

These are basically ethernet hubs that allow you to create a wired home network. But they aren't hubs, they are switches.

Now it may not matter for most people, but switches allow the data to transfer from computer to computer much more efficiently and securely then a hub. Switches make it harder for an intruder on the network to packet sniff the traffic on the network and it also is less likely to have packet collisions when one computer on the network is sending out junk traffic.

But like I said, most people don't care about stuff like that. ;-)

PS: Yah, I didn't realize how dusty that one picture is until I posted it. Yes, I'm a doof and need to dust! :)

Ok enough of the computer hardware, if you're looking to buy pretty things, make sure to go to daenerys's journal where she's selling Pin-Up Corsets. I guarantee you her product photos are a hell of a lot more interesting then pictures of printers and ethernet switches. ;-)
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