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Yaoi Con Report

Mucho late, but here it goes anyway. :)

In remembrance of Chanel... who's in a much better place.

I've also put together all the pictures I took of Chanel at various conventions.

Well that was... interesting. Hehe. Our "secret" costumes were actually recognized! I was shocked. :) Me (Goku), ajmeow (Gojyo), tartetatin (Hakkai) and positivespace (Sanzo) went as the four main characters from Saiyuki. AJ choose outfits from one of the art books that were relatively simple. Take a look at our reference picture.

We've been jokingly calling the costumes our Boy Band outfits. We've been breaking out in some random N*Sync and Back Street Boys songs. LOL.

We didn't really do much convention wise, and the registration price really scared me off so we basically hung around and got pictures.

dmk26 was good enough to come with us and be our photographer. He continued our "boy band" theme and we got many group shots that would make N*Sync proud.

You can take a look at the pictures on my Goku Cosplay page.

We got some very interesting looks as we walked around SF. At one point when we walked by a homeless man and he started singing "YMCA." LOL!

Since we got there around lunch time, we dropped by the convention center, and then decided to go get some food. We were really hungry. :> We walked over to Mel's Dinner, of course with a lot of random people looking at is funny. Actually, there was this one guy who walked a good 10-15 feet with his head turned looking at us as he was walking away. LOL! :)

After getting back to the con, we got more pictures and hung out with everyone. Saw lots and lots of local cosplay people. It was a blast.

We of course ran into karisu_sama and didjiman. They were life savers! They let us use their rooms for emergency changing and allowed me to wash the ton of hair products that was necessary to get my hair to look like Goku's. An amazing job by AJ and Wing BTW! I think that was more hair product in my hair that day then I've ever had in my life! :)

Anyway, since I didn't have a badge with me so I didn't attend the masquerade, but I did go out to dinner with Chris, Richard, A, S, tartetatin and Chanel. We went to a nearby Sushi restaurant. Sadly Kantaro Sushi, which was a great little place for sushi, closed down, so we went to another one around the corner.

It was just great talking with everyone over some Japanese food. Though I really wish I had spent more time with Chanel now. :/

Got back to the con and finally bumped into shonen_star, kitkat_nap and Edwin. Shonen_star was wearing my Squall costume. Damn her, she looks better in it then I do. :P It's not fair damn it! Kitkat_nap was wearing Seifer.

Everyone went to the Bishounen Auction. I didn't go in, but just from the commotion that I could hear from outside the door. Ooooh boy. :) Actually from what I hear, I'm glad I missed the... um... "festivities."

Everyone keeps telling me that I should enter the auction, especially in my Zack costume, but considering the competition... HELL NO. :) Actually, I've thought about it before, and I'd probably do it if the money went to charity. But the money just goes back to the con, so... ain't ever gonna happen. :)

As I was hanging out around the hotel, bumped into miyabi and Dan. It was good to see them both again. :) Dan flew all the way from Toronto, the nut, but he's actually here for the week, not just for Yaoi-Con.

Ok, I admit it, I have to think Kim for dragging me to the dance. Yes, despite my lameness I had a lot of fun in the dance. I was far outclassed by everyone there, but that's ok. At least I didn't look like a *total* idiot... well if I did, don't tell me. :D

For someone who didn't get a badge, Yaoi-Con was an absolute blast. Not because of the con per-se, but everyone who was there! :)

Another milestone had to be I took so few pictures at this con. I guess I was just so ultra lazy about it this time. I did get a few pictures though, just randomness below. :)

Group picture of our Saiyuki "boy-band" and Ramen and Rice! Waaaah! They are so nice. :) A and S having some fun in our Saiyuki jackets. Group piccy of shonen_star, kitkat_nap, the dork in the middle was me, positivespace and Edwin looking a little out of it. ;-) This was after the dance, after many beads and lots of dancing. Good times.
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