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iPhone afterglow...

Ok, so I've had a day now to digest the iPhone announcement from Apple. But first, the latest comic from Penny Arcade! - The Microsoft Zune: 2006-2006.

Hehehe, I'm RIGHT there with them. :>

For those who don't know, I've recently switched over from the PC to the Mac. I don't want to get into all of the reasons for that (another post maybe) but basically, I'm tired of fighting my computer when I want to do stuff and the prospect of upgrading to Vista hurts my soul.

So yah, the iPhone, it sure is pretty and shiny. X-) Again it does what Apple does best, simplifies something complex and unwieldy into something easy for everyone to use, pretty and not something you have to fight to use.

You can check out all of the neat features on the iPhone site on Apple.com or watch Steve Jobs demo the iPhone at this year's MacWorld keynote.

But now reality sets in. All of the new features, bouncy UI and ease of use is fantastic, but a couple of things have starting gnawing at me.

  • $499-599!!! O_O Holy crap that's basically a PS3! Yah yah, they justify it as saying that you're basically buying a smart phone ($300) and a iPod nano ($200+) together, but still holy sticker shock Batman!
    • There's also some interesting behind the scenes with the pricing. It seems Apple wants to make sure that the iPhone is a premium device. Remember the MOTO RAZR being like, $400 when it first came out? A year or so later it became "free" when signing up with a new provider? Apple doesn't want that.
  • Cingular -_- God, why did it have to be Cingular. Gah I can go on for DAYS as to why Cingular blows. Plus you're stuck with a 2 year contract with the iPhone. X-/
Honestly, those are my only two major reservations about getting an iPhone and those are really big hurdles. :/

Some other things I've been thinking about, but more minor nit picks then anything else.

  • Cingular Data Plan - Will you have to have a data plan to do anything with the iPhone? Data planes are notoriously pricey (almost as much as a DSL line in some cases). Also the iPhone is using EDGE, which is not very fast. All of the demos during MacWorld were done using a WiFi connection. MAYBE Apple/Cingular will offer a discounted rate plan? Currently on Cingular's site, you can get an "unlimited smart phone" data plan for $20/mo. Will that apply to the iPhone? We'll see... because the regular unlimited data plan is $45/mo. O_o
  • Closed system - So it seems that what you see on the iPhone is what you get. Yes, you can sync your photos, music and datebook to the iPhone along with email and web access. But there's no way to add your own applications to it. This probably won't effect the average user. I'm a bit sad to hear you can't add your own apps. One of the great things about the Palm PDA's is the huge library of home grown applications that address almost every need. But the advantage of course is that it's a lot simpler to use. No one will be screwing up their iPhone by installing a badly written program.
So here's my brain fart about the iPhone, 24 hours later. Will I still get it? Probably... assuming I have the cash (Yay! Credit card!). But fighting the nausea I get when I think about being on Cingular is much worse then the hole that the iPhone will burn into my wallet.

I guess I'll have until June (and probably longer afterwards if there's shortages or high demand) to plop down my money or not.
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