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More Anime Expo Hotels

Thanks to slave_to_anime for posting the news.

The other 2 official hotels, the Hyatt and the Westin are now up and taking reservations. Go to the official web site to get the details: Anime Expo 2007 - Direct Link to Reservations

I've already booked two rooms at the Hyatt (the online system is retarded, you need to book each room separately).

The Hyatt is probably the "preferred" hotel since it is the closest to the Long Beach Convention center main entrance.

And it seems I already have jonisey and sever007 as roomies. LOL :)

Oh and the Long Beach Convention center is a beautiful place if you haven't been. The last time I was there, I was able to use the inside and outside areas to take some lovely photos (Last Exile, KOS MOS, Takarazuka Elisabeth, USA Musume and Dir en Grey). Sadly I don't think it will be empty for AX. I basically had the whole convention center to myself for photo shoots! X-D

PS: Went and canceled my reservations on at the Renaissance, I don't need 4 rooms (and I sorta got screwed last year for being over prepared with hotels.)
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