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Amy's awesome wig tutorial | Call for cosplay knowledge!

First of all I wanted to thank amy_the_yu for letting me put her Roxas wig tutorial in the on-going CosWiki Project.

If you haven't seen it, go take a look, it's awesome. :>

Wig - Roxas (Kingdom Hearts 2) - CosWiki

So speaking of CosWiki, I'm asking for your help!

If you have any tutorials or favorite stores for shoes, wigs, fabric or any where you get cosplay supplies. Let me know.

1. You can e-mail me and I'll create an account for you on the wiki. Then you can put in whatever useful information you like.
2. Or you can just post here with the store and address on how to get there or URL that you think is useful and want to share and I'll put it in for you.

See it's not that hard. :>

Also, this is just a gentle reminder about all those people who've thought about adding tutorials or other tips and tricks to the wiki, it's still there. Please share your knowledge! :D
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