Ziggy Becket (ziggybecket) wrote,
Ziggy Becket

Los Angeles Photoshoot!

So yah, whatever needs to be said about the situation in LA over the weekend has mostly been said. Much more clearly and concisely then I could have by lionboogy and slave_to_anime. For my part, my form of protest will not be naming the event in question or associating any of these photos to that event.

This will just be a very large photo shoot that happened to be in Los Angeles, CA during the weekend of Jan 26-28th.

So enough drama and on with the cosplay, which certain conventions seems to have forgotten about.


Woah... I fear...


You be good now...


OMG! Jet is a girl! And she's kinda hot... ;-)


aimeekitty as Yuuko from xxxHolic.


Oh yah, I had something to do with this too... thanks to positivespace for the picture!


Good ol' Chas! :D


Who are these weirdos? And what's with those colors? ;-)


Deep in the jungles of LA!


Forgive me for talking you into climbing up on the piano. ;-)


Man what IS IT with that Tamaki?


Mmm, vinyl and rain makes a pretty hot combination. That's suguishi in case you needed an LJ name to stalk. ;-)


utenatai as Yuuko.


The UCLA Host Club group that had an amazing Ouran dance skit! Man I can't wait to see the video of their skit again! X-)


Them rushing me after I took that last picture. I guess they wanted to get a photo with everyone who asked for their photo! X-) More of their photos here and here!


Speaking of Ouran...


Weee! Weee! Weee! Man an animated GIF of this picture will show up soon. :D


Uh oh, Honey is MAD... O_O


Honey poking in on a photo op! :)


The whole gang! :D


So do all catboys drive Toyotas? :)
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