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Private Photoshoot: akai SKY

A private photoshoot in San Francisco, CA with akai SKY

Band Members: val, Hayashi, Umi and J

moriyama_umi asked me to do a photo shoot of her and the new members of akai SKY. I of course was happy to do so!

I love the fact that they coordinated outfits and colors and I think it really shows how awesome they look. It was a lot of fun running around the financial district with the occasional strange looks. X-)

But, OMG I wish it wasn't so cold. Why is it that we're always doing photoshoots in the cold?

Please enjoy the photos and visit their newly revamped website: akai SKY

You may recognize some of the pictures. ;-)

Private Photoshoot: akai SKY
(Zip of all the photos)

Personal Favorites

Ladies and Gentleman, the new akai SKY!




Ahhh the good old BART station. X-)




Kiss Kiss!


Yah, Hayashi is out of focus here but I actually kinda like the effect. I dunno, maybe I'm just trying to justify a bad photo. ;-)


The teaser photo I posted before..


And a slightly sexier version... (look at Umi)


Hahaha, Umi loves her horses. :D



"Hi there"



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