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Howl and Kiki from Miyazaki Films


jonisey posted the photos of her and I as characters from Miyazaki films!

I'm cosplaying Howl from Howl's Moving Castle and she's cosplay Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service.

OMG! Crossover hell! ;-)

Eh, I don't care, the pictures are cute! Take a look under the cut.

Howl and Kiki Photoshoot


Awww, this is my favorite from from the set! X-)










Take the jacket please! It was like, 100 degrees outside! X-)



Channeling my inner blonde. X-)


Oh god, I totally look ridiculous in this photo. X-/



Why, hello there...



Hahahaha, this looks like a cover of some cheesy romance novel.



Hey, it's hard work looking this pretty...


Btw, funny story about how I got talked into this costume. It's actually a costume that kitkat_nap bought, but never used so basically I grabbed whatever white shirt (yes I know the shirt is wrong, but that's all I had) and black pants I had to fill out the rest of the costume. Props to actionflakes for making his amazing jacket! Weee, ghetto cosplay. :) (PS. Leather pants, in 100 degree weather, not a good idea.)
Tags: anime expo, cosplay, howl, pictures
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