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Private Photoshoot: Haruko from FLCL

A private held in snowy Katsucon 2007. :D

amazonmandy as Haruko

What can I say? I loved the snow. It was cold sure but as long as the wind didn't kick up, it was just lovely. Even if we were both sliding along the frozen tundra in the back of the hotel. :)

Private Photoshoot: Haruko from FLCL
(Zip of all the photos)

Personal Favorites




Because you always cram yourself into an uncomfortable chair to strum the guitar. ;-) I think it looks cool, even if it is impractical. :D



I really love this one. With just Mandy sitting there, the whiteness of the snow and the blue of the sky.




I really like this one too in particular. Just the way she's sitting with the guitar behind her, contemplating... bad things. :D


So lady like. ;-)



Just catching Mandy's fantastic smile along with a gust of wind.

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