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Ziggy Becket

What are the odds of getting even?

That is the tag line for Ocean's Thirteen the third in the series of movies based on the remake of the original Ocean's Eleven.

Anyway, there's way too many stars to name but let's just say the movie is fantastic! It's smart, funny, well paced and just a joy to watch.

The new comers to the series are Al Pacino and Ellen Barkin do a wonderful job. Sadly no Julia Roberts nor Catherine Zeta Jones this time. But frankly they wouldn't have fit in the plot of this movie.

There's still a lot to like in these series of movies. The cons are smart and the plans are brilliant and executed in a way that keeps you laughing throughout the entire movie.

The one difference from the previous movies however, is that you are really rooting for the team this time. I mean sure in the last two movies you wanted them to get the money and get the girl, but this one had something much stronger. Revenge. LOL

You want the team to take down Willie Banks (Al Pacino) and take him down hard.

Anyway, enough chatter. If you liked the first or second Ocean movies you'll definitely like this one. Even if you haven't seen the previous movies, I think this movie stands really well on it's own.

Since the free movie ticket I got for Ocean's 13 wasn't accepted at the theatre I went to in SF. I'll probably go see it again in the near future at a theatre that WILL accept it. LOL So if anyone wants to go see it, give me a hollar. ;-)

PS: Before going to the movie maiyu_c and I went to the Stinking Rose in SF. It was so good, but man, I think I STILL smell of garlic.
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