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iPhone rumors

Yes more rumors here.

It's funny, the $500-600 price tag didn't phase me when I first saw this thing. (I'm opting for the $600 8gig, model btw). The fact that I'll have to switch to Cingular/AT&T for 2 years made me seriously reconsider, but then finally went, eh, it's worth it.

But when the rumor in the above story stated that AT&T may require you to get a data plan just to use public or home WIFI. Yes, that's right you have to PAY AT&T monthly to unlock the WIFI features... that's where said to myself, oh well, I guess I'm going to look for another phone.

It's funny that will finally break the camel's back huh?

Because the $600 is just a one time, "Ouch, that hurt, but yay! I have a new toy!"

But if current AT&T prices hold, ($50 for voice plan and $50 for an unlimited data plan) which is a cool $100 a month...

Of course it's all rumor and it's from a unnamed AT&T manager who may or may not actually know what the heck he's talking about, so there's still hope that it's unfounded.

Oh yah, so it's been announced that the iPhone will go on sale at 6pm. Ugh... do I want to leave AX at like 3pm to hit the nearest Apple store? It's entirely possible. So if you don't see my Friday night of AX, you'll know where I'll be. ;-)
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