Ziggy Becket (ziggybecket) wrote,
Ziggy Becket

iPhone Guided Tour

Apple released a 20 minute guided tour of the iPhone and it's features.


Nothing really new announcement wise but just seeing it in action is just cool.

One tiny nibble about it though. The ringtones seems boring. I already knew that you can't use any MP3 song on the iPhone as a ringtone, because it would totally bypass AT&T's ringtone business. A lot of US phones make it difficult or impossible to make your own ringtones. I know with Verizon particularly, you have to buy their ring tones to use on the phone.

But I hope they will let you add your own somehow. Rumor has it that that an updated iTunes will let you manage your ringtones and hopefully add your own?

So yah, Friday of AX around 3-ish I'll be off to the nearest Apple store in Long Beach. I know that's "late" but I do want to enjoy some of AX as well.

Ahhh, my nerddom's are colliding! X-)
Tags: apple, gadgets, geekery, iphone
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