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OMG Comic Con is going to be the death of me. X-/

So I went ahead and put in the panels I'd like to attend at Comic Con this year into my iPhone...

HOLY SHIT I have like 10 overlapping panels on Saturday! ;_;

Friday Schedule

10:30am : Pixar Short Films - I would love to see more of their shorts.
10:30am : Warner Bros Sneak Peak - Kate Beckinsale is going to be there to promote Whiteout and Steve Carell will be there to promote Get Smart.

Oh why must you make me choose! X-/

11:45am : Fallen Q&A - Rick Worthy of Galactica (one of the human Cylons) will be there. Might see him if nothing else is going on.

12:15pm : Stargate SG-1 - Eh, don't care for the show that much but Ben Browder (Farscape) will be there and he's always a blast!
12:15pm : 20th Century Fox - Samuel L. Jackson might be there to promote Jumper.

03:15pm : Warner Bros: 300 and Blade Runner - THIS IS SPARTA!!!!
03:30pm : Business of Web Comics - Penny Arcade guys will be there so it might be interesting.

06:00pm : Babylon 5: Lost Tales - OMG Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! More B5!!! X-D JMS, Bruce Boxleitner (John Sheridan), Tracy Scoggins (Elizabeth Lochley), and Peter Woodward (Galen) will be there tooo!!!! Yaaaaaay!!!!! And yes, I preordered my DVD months ago. :>

Saturday Schedule

10:00am : Bionic Woman - Reviving the original Bionic Woman TV series. From the creators of Battlestar Galactica. The stars of the new show will be there as will Katee Sackhoff (Starbuck on BSG)
10:30am : Quick Draw - This is a HILARIOUS panel with artists Sergio Aragonés, and Scott Shaw. The last time I went in there by accident I laughed my head off for a good hour.
10:45am : The Simpsons - D'oh!
11:30am : TV Guide Hot List - Billy Cambell (4400, Once and Again), Tim Kring (Heroes) and Masi Oka (Hereos) will be there.
11:45am : Hasbro: Transformers - Will probably be in this panel. Our friends from the Teen Titans animated series are now working on the new Transformers animated series. Gonna go say Hi! :)
12:45pm : Heroes - Save the Cheerleader, Save the World!

OMG a break! O_O

02:15pm : Battlestar Galactica - Just TRY and stop me from going to this panel!

03:30pm : Penny Arcade
03:30pm : Costume Centric: Designing Icons - Pro. Costume designers talk about how they come up with iconic outfits for movies and TV. I'm going to be sad I'm missing this. :(
03:30pm : Futurama - BITE MY SHINY METAL ASS! I'll be in here. :D
04:15pm : Marvel Studios: Iron Man - Holy shit, Robert Downey Jr. is going to be there? O_o Not a fan of the comic, but it would be interesting to see him in person.

04:45pm : Joss Whedon - Creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and of course Firefly.
05:15pm : Sarah Conner Chronicles - Eh... not that interested but Summer Glau (River from Firefly) will be there.
05:15pm : Resident Evil: Extinction - OMG that movie is gonna SUCK, but I would love to see Milla Jovovich in person! O_O
06:30pm : Smallville Q&A - I'm way behind on this show, but it would be nice to see the stars in person. Assuming I'm not helping the girls for masq by now.

So it looks like I'll probably only be hanging around and cosplaying on Friday. On Saturday I'm going to become one with the panel rooms and glue my ass to those chairs. X-)

And no, I don't know why iCal is using those horrid colors. It looks nice and blue on the iPhone. :(
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