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The spice of life: Paprika!

So I've been wanting to see the movie, Paprika for a while now but just haven't had the chance. pho3nix wanted to go see it too and took some time out of her busy study schedule, so off we went!

Wow... just... wow!

Not only was the animation trippy and very beautiful, as you can clearly see from the trailer, it fit in with the story so well! It wasn't, "let's do psychedelic animation for the hell of it" type of movie, it was actually very important to the plot.

Oh the plot, I LOVED the plot and how it had the "real" world and then the "dream" world and how they slowly and almost transparently started to blend them to the point where you didn't know where you were anymore! But you were never lost in the plot.

There were a lot of times where I went, "Whoa!" either because of the beautiful visuals or the interesting plot twists.

Oh yah, and we both agreed that the Chairman looked like Professor Xavier from the X-Men movies. LOL I mean the bald head and wheel chair, I mean, COME ON! LOL

But all in all, it's a fantastic movie. If you haven't seen it or been told by all of the other LJ people who have seen this movie, it's really time to break down and just see it. You won't be sorry. :>

After the movie, pho3nix and I went to the yummy Ramen restaurant. Ok, I really wanted to go because the theatre was really cold by the time the movie let out. Mmmmm, Kimchi Ramen. :-9

As we were walking around Japantown, we ran into ener, maiyu_c and a few others! LOL No we weren't planning a mini-convention, though it started to feel like it. Hehe, small world huh? :>

And since we were in Japantown, we of course had to take purikura! X-D

There is just no way to make these picture not look super fruity, pho3nix tried with the blue one and... yah. LOL! :> We also tried to do the whole, Ouran style, "Irrashaimase" greeting with that blue one. I mean with the whole rose background, you can't HELP but try and conjure Ouran! :D

Ok, now I go read a bit of Vampire Knight Vol 2 I picked up at Kino. ;-)
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