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San Diego Comic Con 2007

Oh MAN! I had a blast at San Diego Comic Con this year!

I'm sure you've heard me fanboy enough about it so here are the pics. :D

Mark Sheppard!
Mark Sheppard!
It was awesome to meet him in person! Just in recent member he's been in Firefly, Battlestar Galactica and now the new Bionic Woman!

Noel Clarke
Noel Clarke
Mickey from Doctor Who and writing for Torchwood

An animator from Pixar. He actually worked on Ratatouille and he took a picture of me when I was wearing Linguini! X-D

The Chairman!
Mark Dacascos, the Chairman on Iron Chef America and I at Comic Con! X-)

I'm so amused that I happen to catch him AND I'm wearing a chef costume from Ratatouille!

We meet again!
Meeting up with some of the animators from Teen Titans again! They are now working on the new Transformers animated series!

Aaron Douglas
Aaron Douglas, the Chief on Battlestar Galactica and on the new Bionic Woman series!

We're trying to do the Friends group shot, but obviously I failed. LOL But I love the photo anyway! X-)

Friends :)
Ok, this was TOTALLY mognetcentral's idea! I don't know why she insists on trying to perpetuate this rumor that I basically have a harem with me and that I'm always surrounded by beautiful women...

Oh... huh...

Mmmm foood....
Well, it's not like mognetcentral and hoshikaji are feeding me food or... anything...


And a silly picture that the girls wanted me to pose for. X-)

Rock on!
Did I ever tell hiroe_chan that I have a thing for blue? ;-)

*blink blink* Wait... what?
Holy shit IT'S A TRAP! ;-)

Local Celebrity
Well damn, I didn't realize that "Local Celebrity" shirt worked so well. X-D

Yay! Christi and diavana

Hahahah! solaria and arkadia in Daria cosplay. Woah... that sentence rhymes. O_o

X-Wing Pilot
You know? I think London has warped jinyo's brain... he's a little *too* happy there...

Slave Leia
Well DAMN... I thought ALA were badge Nazi's... ;-)

Lisa in her wonderful Psylocke costume. If you were at SDCC you probably saw Sci-Fi channel's very weird looking booth. I really wanted to do a shoot there and she was good enough to indulge me. The random shape of the booth and the lighting made for a challenging but really interesting photos!

Oh yah, we were also near one of the main walkways so she was stopped every 10 seconds for a photo. ;-)

And of course Rinnie, my other most favoritest Psylocke in the whole wide world! X-D I got to see both all in one day! Pinch me, I'm dreaming! X-D

Rock on girls! X-D

Arrrg Pirates!
In case you were wondering, yes that was real rum. ;-) Though that doesn't explain why Kim is smiling so much. :D

Cute Jack Sparrow Doll
Speaking of Pirates, OMG! This is the cutest thing ever! I'm not even that big of a Pirates of the Caribbean fan, but I'd so get him! X-)

Five Star Stories Group
hcc_cosplay in their fantastic Five Star Stories costumes!

Five Star Stories and HCC Transport Team
The whole gang! Handlers and all! And can you tell I'm very amused with my new toy? X-D

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