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A matter of etiquette...

Last night I went out to dinner with Haiyan, she's currently in Munich working on a project. But she's back in CA for a week or so.

She was with a couple of co-workers from Germany as well and they were hungry, fresh from coming off an international flight.

So we went to Cupertino Village to a nice Chinese restaurant. The first thing that was particularly funny was that we decided to have the "banquet" menu, which is a set menu for $78 but you do have some choices for each course. Sadly, the entire menu was in Chinese. So the waiter was good enough to read the items to us, in Chinese, since neither, Haiyan, I nor her co-worker who knows some Chinese could read all of the items. Hey, it's better then nothing. LOL

All of the food was just fantastic, but something really gave me a laugh.

We had ordered the fried crab. It was chunks of cracked crab that had been battered and then deep fried. It was very tasty.

But the funny part was HOW we ate the crab. Haiyan and I are both basically Chinese. So we took each bite-sized piece, put it in our mouths' and spit out the shell bits. Never really needing to touch the crab with our hands, just with our chopsticks and teeth.

Her co-workers on the other hand were using their hands to break the juicy meat out of the crab shells before eating them.

I just noticed that it was amusing how different we were in eating crab. Obviously it would have been extremely rude of us if we were spitting out crab shell bits at a fancy American restaurant, but it was totally ok in a Chinese one.

I *guess* it might have been rude for her friends to be using their hands and using the chopsticks to push out the meat from the crab legs in a Chinese restaurant. But eh, we really didn't care as we were hungry and the crab was delicious. :>

Hmmm, hungry now... maybe I should go to lunch. X-)

Oh, the restaurant was Joy Luck Place in Cupertino.

Very good dim sum and Cantonese restaurant. It is on the pricey side and they have a lot of high end items like, Shark Fin Soup and Swallows Nest dishes. One of these days I am going to brave the costs (and my liberal guilt) and order it just to see what they are like. X-)
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