Ziggy Becket (ziggybecket) wrote,
Ziggy Becket

RECCA Con 2003

Weee, another con. Eat your heart out east coast people. ;-)

Seriously though, this was more of a gathering then a con. It was held at a community college and was quite cozy, though the temperature was quite cold. ::brr::

It was still a blast to hang out with everyone there. Baron and totalrockstar from the BACA Boys was good enough to drive me, kitkat_nap and Chris to the convention.

I also got to see Ramen and Rice! They played several of my favorite songs, including Eyes on Me from FFVIII and the Sakura Taisen opening song! I promised them that one of these days I'd learn the moves to Geki! Teikoku Kagekidan and then perform it when them someday. Oh well... their rendition of the song will be fantastic anyway. :)

Just to be silly, I actually made a quickie ghetto costume for RECCA. I've been wanting to do Sagara Sousuke's summer uniform from Full Metal Panic Fumoffu. So I did. :) I got a dress shirt on sale at Sears and sewed on bias tape on the sleeves. Wow, it's the fastest costume I've ever made. 8-O

I was actually worried that no one would recognize me, but someone did! Actually, a couple of people did. One girl actually came up to me and asked for my picture specifically because I was Sousuke! I should have given her a prize. :) I also had a couple of random people do a scar check on me, hehe, to see if I had the cross shaped scar on my left cheek. :)

I knew it was gonna be cold, so I also took along my Squall costume and thank goodness I did. However, since I've worn that costume a lot and had a pair of prop guns with me, I decided to become Gunner Squall a la Final Fantasy X-2 and Gunner Yuna. LOL. Yah, I'm a massive dork. :)

And the less said about kitkat_nap slipping money in my "garter" the better. 8-/ (Check the pictures to see what I'm talking about) :P

Anyway, my pictures are up, RECCA Con 2003 I hope you like them. :)
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